Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2017 Edition Review

Not many of you know how big a fan I am, of perfumes! On the blog I have only a few perfumes reviewed. But, a Limited edition perfume deserves a spotlight here on the blog and doing justice to the Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer 2017 edition! I think I will resume reviewing perfumes on the blog now! Starting with this gorgeous one!

I am more of an EDP girl, because EDTs tend to not last for long on me, because of my constantly high body temperature. But, I have found a way to deal with that, so I am going all out trying Eau De Toilettes.

Eternity Summer 2017 is a limited edition perfume, as tradition goes, by Calvin Klein. And let me tell you my views about this EDT.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2017 Edition Review

Packaging –
The gorgeous ombre glass bottle deserves a place on your vanity! With the silver spray nozzle it looks even better, and the shape of the bottle is same as that of the classic Eternity for men.

Longevity –
This lasts on me with the trick I apply for about 3 hours. Which is good , considering EDTs last on me for at most 1 hour.

Fragrance –
I am a huge fan of Men’s Perfume! Because they last long and are not too delicate. Most of my perfumes are Men’s perfume!

Now, let me try to explain the fragrance for you! The Perfume’s opening notes are spicy, almost gingery and makes it perfect for all seasons, Not just summer! After sometime, it becomes a bit warm –flowery. Almost like the fragrance in the air, you get before autumn starts. And the base note, which last the longest, is my favorite. The Musky yet Salty aqua fragrance which is the body of the perfume is what any fresh and invigorating fragrance lover would be happy to have!

I hope I could do just in explaining the fragrance! If you have to critic, please go ahead and let me know how I can make the explanation better! I would love to know!

Loads of love,

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