Hallo-Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City

Wine on a Saturday evening is most welcome for wine lovers! And, if you get to taste and buy different types of wines , all in one place, then there is nothing better! Something of the similar sort happened with me , when I visited Phoenix Market City, Bangalore for their Hallo-wine festival. 

The festival lasted for three days, till Halloween! Hence, the name! The festival was arranged in associations with the Karnataka Wine Board. There were multiple Wineries/wine brands, present there, and anyone could sample their collection and purchase directly from them! 

For just 50 rupees, you could try two to three types of wines and see which one you'd want to buy! And this was not all, the fest also had multiple food trucks and stalls from Bar Bar and Cafe Noir. 
I had a lovely time that evening with the wines and the food! And not to forget the live bands which were playing everyday in the evening! 

To add to the Halloween theme, the decor has some spooky elements and some mimes dressed up as ghosts and ghouls going around, scaring people! After all that is a must in anything Halloween! 

I had a great time and would love to have such time again and again! 

Loads of love, 

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