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Hey everyone! I hope you have been doing well! This post is my last leg of the Himachal Pradesh trip! Now this one is all about my short and sweet Delhi Darshan! Yep, Delhi Darshan!

So, we started our trip from Delhi and ended up there too! After the places we visited in Himachal Pradesh, we drove down to Delhi. It is quite a journey but it was the most hectic within the city limits cause of the traffic! I would look for hotels in Gurgaon the next time I am there, because at least according to the maps, that would be better! If you are from Delhi, I would love to know your views!

Now, we had half a day before our flight and were super tired of all the travelling, so cut that half a day to very few hours. I honestly wanted to go to Sarojini Nagar to shop, but couldn’t get the time. So, we decided to only visit a couple iconic places and stay nearby the airport.
The places that fit the bill were only a few. I couldn’t even go to Chandni chowk to gobble up some delicious food!

So, first we headed to Red Fort. I wanted to visit Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar and Agrasen Ki Baoli, but because of time constraints had to skip those altogether.
Red fort was nothing I ever expected, honestly! The thing is I didn’t have an audio guide/guide or any knowledge about the history. So, I just went around the beautiful place, simply gawking at the magnificence.  Tried clicking some pictures, but I always had this clock inside my brain ticking, telling me to hurry up.

Made a note to self – not to go around a place, being all touristy, if I have to catch a flight later.
We had someone from Delhi to take us around, but he wasn’t very sure where to go in the limited time. So he took us to Raj Ghat *face palm*. We wandered around the place for a while, and then headed towards India Gate.

This was the place I finally loved! Though it was crowded, which was expected, I loved just being there. The iconic monument of the country in India awe-worthy!  Had some street food from around there and, in my mind tried to make up for not visiting all the awesome food places in Delhi. After staying here for some time, we drove by the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the parliament. It was nice to see these places in real life, I had been looking at them on TV since time immemorial!

Next time I will make it a point to stay in Delhi for a couple of days or a week to experience the city’s charm! Because honestly, No one can understand what a city is all about, by just looking at a few buildings!

I might just stay for a long time at the Country Club, and get pampered and eat a lot, meet a lot of interesting people and have a great time! Because, from this you can understand, that I didn’t really have a great time. So, I am looking forward to my next proper visit!

Hope you liked reading this! If you are from Delhi, let me know where to stay, what to do, where to eat! So that, I can keep my “to-do” list ready for the next time!

Loads of love, 

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