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When it comes to clothes, I am not was not a person who would opt for pastel shades. Home décor in pastel colors, yes, but when it cam...

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When it comes to clothes, I am not was not a person who would opt for pastel shades. Home décor in pastel colors, yes, but when it came to myself, I was never much in favor of pastels. Maybe because I was a bit too conscious about my skin color and thought that I won’t be able to pull off pastel shades. Thanks to the "Fair = Beautiful" notion I have been fed like all Indians.

Bangalore Fashion Blogger , Indian Fashion Blog

Now, that is not a problem anymore. I wear what I like, and do not give a thought to how my outfits would conform to the societal beauty/fashion standards and definitions.Let’s not get started with skin color now, because I can go on all day on this.  

This season bright yellow and mustard are trending and I will definitely give that a try. But after yellow, pink and other pastel colors are also very much present, because summer = pastels, always!
I love wearing circle skirts, because it adds a casual and cute factor to an outfit. In summer, I usually avoid wearing jewelries or I opt for minimal pieces. And I figured it was high time I use all my white tees! I hoard white clothes like a crazy person, no kidding! 
I even said the same thing in my last Haul video. So, I paired this skirt with a classic round neck white t-shirt and wore nude flat pumps with tassel detailing. I can wear nude shoes with everything, if only the fashion police permits! Hahaaha!

An outfit like this is perfect for that laid back Sunday brunch or a last minute movie date! It is comfortable, easy breezy and oh-so cute! What do you think?! Let me know in the comments!

Bangalore Fashion Blogger , Indian Fashion Blog

Pencil skirts or circle skirts!? Pick One! I pick Circle skirts, obviously!
Loads of love,

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  1. Superb !
    kiss, Lidy

  2. Love the skirt :) xx Nandini

  3. circle skirts. I love the flair.. I love what you are wearing.

  4. Its difficult to choose, I love both circle and pencil skirts. Diff occasion, diff style but this one is just lovely.

  5. Love the skirt. Very pretty.

  6. You look damn pretty Priyanjana! The skirt is beautiful indeed!!

  7. Brown is beautiful <3 You are definitely pulling off this color!

  8. That's such a pretty skirt!!! <3

  9. Loving the skirt! And the colors look so pretty on you!

  10. the graphic print on that skirt is in ecstatic <3


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