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Hey everyone! How are you doing!

I am starting to do a number of floral nail designs and this one is the first in the series. Keeping in mind the season and the fact that I want quick designs, I chose floral theme cause these usually have a lot of ways to work around. A very simple one.

I used 3D floral sticker and just placed them on the nails.
I buffed out the one sticker which was bigger than my nail bed with a glass file which I got from Aveniro.
Finished it up with a top coat and was done! As simple as that!

Now the biggest question, where did I get the stickers from!? I received it from a Reader and a friend named a Reena Maria! A sweet girl from the beautiful place of Goa! Thank you so much Reena for sending me loads of nail art goodies! I will make sure I thank you in all the posts I use your gifts, because it was so, so overwhelming to receive something like what you sent, supporting and encouraging me to do more of what I do! 

Do you like doing nail arts with 3D stickers!? This was my first time and I think it is great for a quick pick me up for an old polish! I did this on a 3 days old nail polish, the color here is from SUGAR cosmetics {Read more about the nail polish here} 

Loads of love,

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