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Woke Up to the wonderful view 
Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well and I also hope that you have given my first travel blog post a read, where I talk about all thing Shimla and Kufri. In my last post I talked about how we reached Manali, crossing Kulu. Time to take you through the trip starting from Day 4!

Day 4: Manali – Solang Valley 

After literally freezing for a night in -11 degrees, I woke up to a magnificent view that morning! On day 4 We decided to go to Solang Valley. In February the route to Rohtang is closed, hence we went to Solang. It is not very far from Manali and takes about an hour. In case you want to do some activities in Solang valley like Skiing {LOL}, get the outfits and pay for the activities before reaching the snow point, because they tend to charge more, once you reach the Valley.

Although the activities might not be fun at all, do try doing something :P. I only opted skiing, and it was so weird! Skiing on a plane is not skiing according to me, especially when you have no place to move, since there are so many people there already!

This was my first time in snow and I was so happy, even more when I saw my first snowfall! Made snow angels, and a snow man, had a lot of fun with my family! And that was way better than skiing! Hahaha! If you really want to have fun doing these adventure sports, then this is not really the place to do them.
We were here for almost the whole day and we directly went back to the hotel, because all of us were tired.

Day 5: Manali – Hidimba Temple – Vashisht

Vashisht Temple 

Monastery in Manali

Our hotel was just at a 10 minutes walking distance from Hadimba Devi Temple and we walked till there. The weather was quite bad and it started drizzling so we decided to not go to the Ghatothkach tree. It is very old and peaceful place. The whole premises is filled with trees and is quite serene. A must visit.

From here we headed to another temple, in Vashisht. Locals call it “Garam Pani ka Mandir” because of the presence of hot water spring inside the temple. It was not what I thought it would be, honestly. People use the hot water for bathing, washing, etc. There are a couple of other old temples in the vicinity of this temple. Beautiful, small temples and the view from here is magnificent! On the way to the temple, there are a lot of curio shops with great pieces! Do visit, but keep in mind the prices are higher than usual. There is also a thing called “Supadu” for which the vendors will call you and ask you to have a look. DON’T fall for it, it’s just a normal blanket, but it will end up wasting your time. In case you have plenty of time at hand, then have a look.

After that, we headed to this place called Club House, where there is nothing much, but if you want to do “river crossing”, as they call that, then this is a good place to be at. It is okay to spend some time , but other than that, like I said, nothing much here.
It had started drizzling by the time I was done with my river crossing and we decided to head over to the marketplace and the Monastery, praying for the rain to stop.

By the time we reached, the rain had subdued and it was a lovely weather! So we skipped going to Van Vihar and directly headed for the Monastery. It is a small but beautiful Monastery and so peaceful. Don’t miss this if you want to calm down a bit.

We went out on a search for food after that and had some yummy food, more on that on my food blog. We spent quite a bit of time shopping and I got a lot of clothes, I didn’t mean to shop this much though!

A little tip: BARGAIN! And do have a look around before you buy something, because the price of the same thing is different at different shops.

But thankfully, it started to pour and we decided to call it a day, and head to the hotel and take some rest.  Or else I would have shoped more *Hides face*
It snowed Later that night in Manali!
I think I will have to do a Part 3 of the trip, because there is so much I want to tell you about Mcleodganj and Palampur.

Keep an eye out for the next post, till then Let me know what you think about this post and the Part 1 of this series.

Loads of love,

* Most of the pictures of these two days are a bit personal, hence not sharing. Will keep in mind to click loads of pictures for the blog from the next trip!

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