Dressing up for the wedding season with Sareez.com

Dressing up for the wedding season with Sareez.com , Fashion blogger Bangalore

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well and I also hope the current demonetization scenario has not troubled you much {a little is fine!}. This is also the wedding season and every other person I know is getting married. I am sure that something of that sort is happening with you as well!

So, if you are attending weddings, you might also be getting all decked up?? Yes? No? Let me know in the comments. I had only one wedding to attend, but due to some problems I missed it. I really didn’t want to because I had this look planned for that day and I hadn’t shared it here because of the same reason.
I love wearing saree and everyone who personally knows me, knows this as well! Being a bengali girl, I have worn sarees since I was a child, occasionally though. But the first time I got a saree that was all mine was when I last collaborated with Sareez.com.

This is my second saree from Sareez.com { Have a look at the first one } and all I can say is that I really like their service. They have a number of options across different price ranges, not only for Saree but also for Lehengas, Suits and plenty of different ethnic silhouettes.  They also have a bit of western wear up at their website, but the sarees here are gorgeous! 

Here, I am wearing a Georgette saree with a beautiful embroidered golden border, which is something I would love to wear for someone's wedding! I fell in love with the color after looking at the picture on their website and I was happy to see the exact same color when I received this! This saree is around 3000 INR and there are plenty of option on the website for this price range. 

Dressing up for the wedding season with Sareez.com , Fashion blogger Bangalore

I have been planning to get a Georgette saree with a border since a long time, so I chose this one! They also stitch the blouse and provide petticoat of matching color of the saree at an extra cost. The blouse I am wearing is made by them and fits perfectly, I just had to fill a form they have, with the details. 

I kept the look simple since the blue was so gorgeous that I didn't need anything else! I love my skin here BTW, I just have eyeliner and lipstick on my face { Check out my skincare routine maybe?? }

Dressing up for the wedding season with Sareez.com , Fashion blogger Bangalore
Saree and blouse from Sareez.com 

Please don't mind my squint-y eyes, I can keep my eyes open facing the sun directly. Have you shopped sarees online?? This is my second time and I am actually liking it a lot! 

Let me know your views in the comments! 

Loads of love, 

p.s. The saree was sent by sareez.com in exchange of my honest opinion. 

p.p.s. Do not wear a saree with heavy border with a jeans. I learnt it the hard way. 

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