Experience at the Bodycraft salon, Kormangala

Salons are not a place I go to regularly. But, who doesn’t like to be pampered. So, when I was invited by The Bodycraft Salon and Spa to experience their services, I went in happily. So here is how it went, do watch my vlog at the end of the post to get a full idea and a tour of the salon!

I was welcomed with a welcome drink when I reached. I was asked to wait for the expert, who helped me decide which treatment I should opt for.  I opted for a facial and an under eye dark circle treatment.

Now let me tell you this beforehand, the under eye treatment needs a minimum of 4 -5 seating to show proper results.

I went in for an Ainhoa Vitaminal facial. Ainhoa is a Spanish company who specializes in luxury skincare and salon products. Now in this case you might think, if they use the original products or not. So the answer to that would be yes. Yes, They use the original products, nothing hidden in white, label-less bottles.  

The Vitaminal Facial is supposedly good for combination skin and mine is combination skin. They also have options for super sensitive skin.
After selecting the treatments, I was escorted to a treatment room, equipped with everything they needed to do the facial. 

So I changed into the clothes they gave and waited. The facial starts with cleansing your face of any type of makeup. This is the first step , whether you are wearing makeup or not. I was advised to go for a face pack , so that was applied, for about 15 minutes. The only problem with this was, that it smelt weird. 
 Using a toner from the vitaminal range the face is wiped. A scrub is used to remove all the dead skin cells after using the toner. In case you have black heads or white heads, those are removed. I had one white head so that was removed for me. 

Then using a massage cream, from the Vitaminal range again, I received a very relaxing face massage for about 20 minutes. I loved the fact that the massage was very gentle and was done without extremely pulling and tugging my skin. 

The Under eye treatment was done after this, a cold roller ball sort of thing was used to relax the eyes and then a cream was used to very lightly massage the eye area, followed by that, a peel off mask was applied and left for about 20 minutes. With this mask, another mask was applied all over my face, which was part of my facial. 

After 20 minutes the masks were removed and I serum was applied on my face to end the facial. 
Now the special part. At bodycraft with almost every facial, you get a back massage and a hand and foot massage complimentary!!! It is not like a full blown spa, but yeah it is quite relaxing!

Yeah, so I was relaxed all over and my face was glowing after the facial. I can say I was satisfied. But like a said, the under eye treatment has to be done a few times to see an effect and I couldn't see any after the first time. Maybe because of the same reason. 

All in all, I am quite happy with the experience and would love to go back again!  Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Loads of love, 
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