The Hot Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain

Bubble tea

It rarely happens that I write about food on Moonshine and Sunlight, I have another blog called “The Foodie – Land Blog” which focuses solely on food {you can check it out here!}. But, I wanted to write about the food bloggers meet up we organized recently for Au Bon Pain, India and their new winter menu!

First, let me tell you about the food I tasted from their new menu. As a host I couldn’t try everything from the menu, but I did manage to try the major portion of the menu.
They came up with bubble tea in the new menu and it is apt as bubble tea seems to be all the rage at the moment! Out of the two flavors, Strawberry and Passion fruit, I like the latter more.

They confectioneries have three new additions. The chocolate and normal monkey bread. The monkey bread looks very interesting but sadly I couldn’t taste this as this finished before I got a chance to try!

The double chocolate crois- bun is something I would like as an accompaniment for my bubble tea or cold coffee but this tastes best when cold and they served it at room temperature the first time.

Chocolate Monkey Bread

The Hot Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain
Double chocolate crois bun at au bon pain

They have introduced a sandwich, which they call “Start-wich”, as they are promoting this as a breakfast sandwich and it is pretty good for breakfast. Fully loaded with fresh veggies and a poached egg in case of the non-vegetarian variant.

Another sandwich is their mango peri peri sandwich. Which is served in a baguette and has this different but interesting flavor. The chicken and paneer peri peri sandwich were equally great. The tangy and spicy flavor in moderation was what made it so unique.

The other two drinks are non-alcoholic mulled wine and toffee latte.  The toffee latte might be to water-y for some people, I personally like watery coffee so I liked it. The Mulled wine was the best drink out of all the drinks. It is a warm drink, loaded with fruity flavors.

The last thing was the Dark lava overload cake, which was supposed to be like a lava cake, but wasn’t and the cream on top just worsens everything. Did not like this one.
Other than this others were pretty good and the price of this menu is also quite reasonable.

All in all, I really like “Winter Hotties” menu from Au Bon Pain. This menu is available at all outlets across India. 

We were very happy to successfully host the meet and put a smile on our fellow bloggers’ faces! For more details click here.

The Hot Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain

The Hot Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain

The Hot Winter Hotties at Au Bon Pain

Do let me know your views on this and what you think about my food photography skill ?
Loads of love,
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