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BBLUNT Dry Shampoo Review, Dry Shampoo in India

On the days when you are absolutely feeling lazy or running late (because you were too lazy to get up early), oily hair doesn't co-operate and it also does not have a quick solution! But in case if you happen to have a dry shampoo, you will be saved, my dear Damsel in Distress! 
I didn't want to be that damsel anymore (psssttt. also because no one came to save me!), so I thought of finally giving the budget friendly dry shampoo in India, a try! 

I am talking about the Bblunt Dry shampoo, which is priced at 550 INR. Read on to know more....

Packaging - The bottle is like a deodorant bottle with an aerosol spray etc. I like the metallic body. This is not easy to carry around in your purse; Bblunt also has mini sized products as well for that. 

Product - The dry shampoo is a spray on solution. It has a little white deposition when not shaken properly, probably because of the starches. It smells flowery and the fragrance stays on for quite some time.

My experience - 
You have to spray the shampoo on/near your roots and just a little above them. Keep the spray like that for a minute and run your fingers through your hair. You can see instant effect just after you spray this on your hair. The hair feels light and voluminous. But after 4- 5 hours oily hair get oilier! And that's not something anyone would want! 
This is a great option if you are on the go and want to get some instant volume for your hair do, not a good option if you want to leave your hair open! 
I would recommend this as a quick fix but not a solution for long term. After all, there is only so much a dry shampoo can do!  
Price – 550 INR for 125ml
Must have meter – This would get a 6.5 from me on the must have meter.

Have you given this a try before ?? Let me know in the comments ! :D

Loads of love, 
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