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LeEco le 1s

Everyone has different needs and requirements for every single thing! My requirements and usage of, say a mobile phone, would be different from the person next to me! If you are a person who wants loads (a mean it when I say loads) of apps to work smoothly on your phone, a good camera and a good battery life then maybe your needs and my needs match almost completely! tongue emoticon

And what if I say that I have found a budget friendly phone which checks the boxes on all the above mentioned conditions!??? You would be interested right!!!

Presenting the LeEco Le 1s, for people who like feature packed, budget friendly options when it comes to buying mobile phones! I have been using this phone for some time now and I am pretty impressed.

When I unboxed the phone on my Snapchat (ID – priyanjana_mns), I talked about the phone being so sleek (on fleek, I tell you !), And the color being so GORGEOUS!!! I am anyways a big fan of Rose Gold, and it is quite obvious that I would love this color. But I loved this also because I’d have something “Rose Gold” with me always and it looks sooooo stylish, perfect accessory to complete any outfit, I think!

Oh by the way, the LeEco Le 1s retails at 10,999! Told ya, it is budget friendly! Now, let me tell you my experience after using this phone!

This phone boasts a Type–C USB port which is supposed to accelerate the charging rate and reduce the time to charge! And it really does get fully charged within 1 hour 15 minutes!

Now how long does the charge stay? I would say that I had a little high expectation on this front so I am a teensy bit disappointed. If I constantly use a lot of apps and Wi-Fi and completely abuse the way it should be used (just to test though) the battery comes down to 15 percent in 8-9 hours!

But if I use it like a decent human being (there is also a battery assistant mode, which helps a lot), then the battery lasts more than one whole day! Also, it gets a little warm while charging and while using heavy applications, but cools down quickly, thanks to the lovely rose gold *starry eyes* metal unibody. Apart from these I have not seen any disappointing factors! 

The performance is very, very smooth, thanks to its 3 GB RAM and octa-core processor. For those of you who are looking for a phone with expandable memory, this is not gonna make the cut, but it does have a 32GB of internal memory and I still have 17 GB free, with all my stuff in it! So I don’t think you would need expandable memory.

Now my main focal point! The Camera! It has a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera! I love the front camera, great for clicking selfies tongue emoticon, and the rear camera is decent as well! Though the rear camera can do a little better in terms of artificial and low light pictures, it does great when it comes to outdoor photography!

LeEco Le 1s has slo-mo video option as well *happy dance*, for all your slow motion twirling videos! There are different filters for clicking pictures with the rear camera and different modes to suit your requirements. You can also click square photos with this! Checkout my Snapchat to see the picture quality of the camera for yourself!

Now, the star! The fingerprint scanner! That little silver circle on the rear of the phone is the fingerprint scanner and I was super excited about this! In fact I went around to everybody, disrupted their work and showed then how I can unlock my phone using my fingerprint, “fort Knox” stuff you know!!

After all, our phones are our horcruxes (don’t tell me you didn’t get this reference!), our mini 'Fort Knox'. You can use the fingerprint scanner to click pictures too, so, Yaayy (to clicking more selfies)!

This mobile phone comes with a charger which doubles up as the USB cable and without headphones. In a way I am cool with that because I can use any headphones I like! And at this price, I don’t mind at all!

Some basic stuff about the phone: The phone has a 5.5 inch screen, supports two SIM cards, the display is quality is nice, the sound quality is pretty good and the fingerprint scanner is aweeesome! (Had to mention it again...)

I would definitely recommend this phone to a person looking for a budget friendly phone, packed with features and it looks so sleek and classy! If camera is a priority for you, I would ask you to have a look at the pictures I clicked.

My views are completely from a “normal user’s“, or layman’s as you might say, point of view and I am not getting into the technicalities of it. The phone is a PR sample but my views and opinions are completely honest, as always!

Do let me know what you think about this in the comments below!

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