Summing up my experience and Higlights from Bangalore Fashion week

Earlier this month Bangalore witnessed some talented designer’s work at the Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion Week! I was lucky to be one of the people who witnessed the collections of the designers sitting front row of the shows! (I am dancing while I writing this) This was my first time that I actually could attend a fashion week; I have not been able to attend in the past even after having the opportunity! So let me sum up my experience and what I saw at the Blender’s Pride fashion week this time!

I didn’t attend the shows every day, I went for the first day and I couldn’t attend  the shows the other days because the amount of traveling for me was too much ( almost 3 hours ,one way ).  I was very happy to see everything very well organized because I had heard that the fashion weeks in past were very badly managed and everything!  This is my “happy” place to be, filled with like minded people with similar interests.  I really enjoyed myself and 

Below are some of the looks I liked from the entire shows, all pictures are a courtesy of Bangalore fashion week. (I wish I could click pictures too!)  

I witnessed an array of different styles! From western casuals to Indian influenced designs, from gowns to sarees. And I must say that after this episode of the fashion week, I am waiting for the next one!
I hope you liked the glimpse of this fashion week! I promise I will attend all the shows next fashion week and will get the exact scoop as and how I would like! Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (ID – Priyanjana_mns) for the daily dose of crazy and all the “Behind the scene” stuff!
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