My first proper Ombre nails

Those of us who are into doing nail art and stuff would understand how difficult it is to achieve a proper gradient/ombre effect! Plus everyone has that one technique they dread! 

It was night mare for me at first, Kind of like water marbling at first, but slowly you will get a hang of it and would understand WHAT to use, HOW to use, WHAT TYPE of sponge will yield what type of result and much more. So I kept trying and trying until I did achieve something I liked. 

The polishes used for this are all from the Maybelline Color show range – Blueberry Ice , Constant Candy and Blackcurrant Pop .

This was done as a base for another nail art, but I ended up keeping it like this. 
I am sharing this with you because ( Like I said HERE ), I will be sharing all my nail fails this month ! 


Messed this one up pretty bad !!

How many of you have tried doing nail art techniques which you find difficult. What is the technique you think you are bad at? What are you good at?? Let me know everything in the comments!!!

ALSO, would you like me to do a video tutorial for gradients, especially for beginners ?? LET me know that as well in the comments! :D
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