Daring Red from Health & Glow Swatch and Review

This week I have been posting everything related to nails! So continuing with that, I bring you my favorite glitter shade for this winter! 

Daring red from Health and Glow is a glitter shade which I think is just the shade for winters, if you are into glittery, bold and dark colors.  

Daring Red 
Shade –
Although the name says red, I don’t think it is a red at all! I think it is a Dark muddy brown shade with a hint of red. That’s all. 

Texture –
This isn’t over the top glittery glitter polish. It dries out with a sand texture (similar to the Maybelline Color Show Glittermania polishes), but this doesn’t contain sequin glitters. 

Brush –
This has a pretty thick brush and I like the thick brush which is perfect for a polish of this sort. Makes application a breeze. 

Longevity –
It stays on chip free for 4-5 days. 

Nail art –
I don’t think this would be very good for anything, because it is not very pigmented on its own. But we can always use any polish for nail arts.

Pigmentation –
It needs two coats to show up properly on nails. With one coat it just seems to light. 

Packaging –
The polish comes in a cylindrical bottle with a silver screw cap, which is also cylindrical. The shade name and number are written on a sticker of the cap. 

Price – 65 INR for 6 ml 

Availability with this is an issue because Health and glow stores are not present everywhere, you can find these at any Health and Glow store for 65 INR. 

I hope you find this polish, if you like this. I had shared a picture of this on my Instagram account and a lot of people had asked me about the details of this shade! 

This is a shade that would look lovely universally !

See you again tomorrow!
Loads of love,
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