Purple Monochrome Mani-a Nail art

Purple Monochrome Mani-a Nail art

Hope you have watched, yes I mean “Watched “my last post already!!!?? It is about 5 must have nail art tools. I have mentioned there that dotting tools are my number one favorites and I would not tire of saying this again and again. 

You can DIY your own dotting tools and I will be glad to show you how to do that (Comment below if you would want a video tutorial for that!). I am showing you a very basic polka dotted nail art done with dotting tools here. 

This is one from my Monochrome “mani”-a series, where I use different shades of one basic color. Here I have chosen purple. 
Easy dotted nail art

I started with a light lavender base and used two other darker shades of purple to do the dots. As you can see, the dots are sparse around my cuticle and around the tips the dots get denser. This was the first nail art I had done with my dotting tools! 

The colors used in this are - 

and for the dots  - 

Elle18 shade no 60 (the dark purple)
I know I am sharing it after a long time, but that’s because I decided to share all my fails too, this month! 

Easy nail art using dotting tools

This got ruined as I did my usual blunder, which is, I didn’t let the top coat dry completely before going to sleep! Hence the lines on the nails.
This is a very easy design which you can try with anything you like, you don't neccessarily need dotting tools for this ! 

Do share with me if you try and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MNSNails, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Just don’t forget to use the hashtag! I would love to share your creations on my channels!

I hope making mistakes always inspires you to achieve perfection! See you again tomorrow! Till then …
Loads of love,
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