Introducing KRONOKARE || SLS and paraben free products in India || Sneak peek

Introducing KRONOKARE || SLS and paraben free products in India

Hey everyone! How are you doing these days !
We are already in the 4th month of 2015 and I think we all must have forgotten about the resolutions?? Have you??

Well, it is good for me because I do not make them!
But I had decided to stay away from Chemicals as much as possible!

So, if you have decided anything of that sort, to try out organic products and switch your normal products with SLS and paraben free products then this is the perfect piece you are reading because I would like to introduce you to KRONOKARE. 

I have the products from their citrus range with me and the first thing I would say that these smell –AAHH-MAZZING!

They have various products like candles, bath salts, hand sanitizer etc!
You can shop the products from, they provide free shipping for an order of above 1000 INR. 

You can also get free samples with your order from the website!!
I will soon be reviewing the products though I will review the oils a little later because I am bent on finishing my Bringadi oil first!

So go ahead, check out a few SLS free and paraben free goodness on the website and stay tuned for the reviews!
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