Affordable bags for teenage travellers

Hey guys!? How are you doing??

Me? I am honestly really; really tired these days and I need a small Vacation! I am thinking of escaping to Coorg. Do let me know in the comments how that place is. I want a place to relax and laze.
But, I want to travel in Style. Well, who does not want to! Whether you are going on a trekking trip with your buddies or on your honey moon or out to have a good time with your family You would always want to travel in style. But, what really sets the style statement while you are travelling?

You, yourself? Yeah of course, that you do always but specifically while travelling your luggage is the style statement that matters!

Why am I saying this because we tend to ignore that but, actually that is not a part to ignore if you want to travel in style.

But when it comes to teenagers, style is secondary. What is most important is the ease of carrying the luggage and the preppy factor involved in case of looks!
Some of these easy to carry funky bags and luggage are perfect for a teenager! Because teenage is the perfect time to have some fun! Even your twenties! Why restrict fun to teenage only!

Go grab a funky t- shirt put it in a cool back pack and head off to some place with your friends or even alone if you like!  Head off to the gym if you like ! But do so in style especially when it is at a reasonable price!

Because as you grow, your style and taste will change and you would like to go for some subtle choices! So why not have some fun with every little thing you can!
Or even if you don’t like it now, buy one if you like for your children!

Let them have fun! I once saw a 10 year old, carry his own little trolley bag with pictures of spider man on it!  When I asked him why he has that, he said that his parents had what they liked so he wanted to carry his things in what he liked!

See, a 10 year old is conscious of the luggage he travels with! Why not us then!?
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