Relish an Array of Gastronomic Delights in Kolkata

If there is one thing I am unhappy about after moving to Bangalore is the food here. Yes, I would say that this place has loads of restaurants but you do not want a big hole in your pocket then that is not an option. Honestly!
In this case I terribly miss Kolkata because every person can have a tasty and filling meal in Kolkata without even flinching. That is a really important thing and I miss that very much.
Kolkata is a place of foodies and it is a place where you will find all types of cuisines , try then at different restaurants and still be happy about the money you spent.
Yes, I am talking about budget restaurants in Kolkata which is something you will be able to find, I mean this exists in Kolkata!
Not every place in the country is such where you can be happy about the food and still not worry a lot about your pocket.
The best part of being a foodie and stay in Kolkata is the number of buffet restaurants in Kolkata.
Though I usually go out for lunch when I am going to a buffet lunch in Kolkata and many of the restaurants in Kolkata have only buffet for lunch.
Since, people in general mostly prefer light meal for the night time ( I do too, though you might be astonished by the amount of food I have ------ no, I used to have.) I personally think buffet for dinner is not a very good option.
Though some of my friends prefer to go out for a buffet dinner in Kolkata, I prefer not hogging over the tasty food at night.
But this I must say that Kolkata is a place where your gastronomic desires will be fulfilled completely and not necessarily in a fancy and expensive restraunt. A humble and budget friendly restaurant can also serve you good and tasty food and you can be happy about it!
You must have noticed on my instagram feed that I have almost stopped posting food pictures why is that? Well, because I have shifted from a foodie’s paradise to well, here!
So, tell me what is your food paradise?? Have you been to Kolkata ??
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