Dr.Batra's facewash Enriched with Tea tree oil review

Dr.Batra's facewash Enriched with Tea tree oil review and price 

Almost two months back I received a hamper from Dr.Batra’s which contained a few products from them. A facewash, a cleanser , a toner , a moisturizer and a foot cream. I did not start using it till last month and finally I started using it. It has been almost a month and I will review the products now. First the face wash, then the cleanser and toner , then the moisturizer and finally the foot cream.

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As for me it takes some time to decide how a product is working, I take time to review. I do not consider the reviews of those bloggers who use a product for hardly a week and then review it! No offense, but I think those reviews are nothing because you can never judge a skin care product over a week’s time!

I have the face wash for you today.  

Let’s get on with the review and see what I have to say :D

Packaging: - the face wash comes in a transparent tube with the details printed on the tube itself, no sticker. The cap is a flip cap and is okay; Not very tight or loose. You can carry it around for travelling but not in your purse due to its size. I am not very impressed with the packaging.

Product: - the face wash is a translucent brownish gel with small beads for exfoliation. These beads break apart when you use the face wash. I like that it does not foam up like a bubble bath but it foams up a bit, may be because of the SLES. The fragrance is the best part of the face wash. After washing of the foam, the fragrance stays for a few minutes then fades off.


Dr.Batra's facewash Enriched with Tea tree oil review and price , ingredients, beauty blog

My experience: - I have combination skin. This claims to have properties of tea tree oil and prevent sun damage. I don’t think it does much for the sun damage, but I did not see a break out very often. 

It gently exfoliates, but I would have to say that it leaves the face dry. Not very dry, but you can feel the dryness. Sometimes that makes me feel fresh but ultimately due to the dryness after a few minutes my face gets covered with the extra oil produced to compensate the dryness. I like to use this at night when I know I am going to follow this up with a moisturizer. 

I have mixed feeling about this particular face wash.

The availability might be an issue, but I would recommend this for oily skin as I gave this to my mom (she has very oily skin) and she loves it and doesn’t feel very dry after using it.

Girls with dry and combination skin, stay away from this , though it is said to be for all skin  types!

Price: - 175 INR
Quantity: - 100 g
Rating :- 3.5/5

Have you tried anything from Dr.Batra’s ?? Or this face wash??
*the product was provided but the review is honest as always 

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