The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And The Wheat- Part 3

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The day started off in a usual way for the Tara, but she never expected that she will find out about her old friend’s whereabouts in a newspaper someday, and that had shaken her. Her husband just told her about the news article which said Jennifer was found with drugs and that was hard to believe for Tara.  But then again she did not have much time to ponder on that, she had to rush off to a crime scene and the traffic was bothering her now. But staying in Mumbai she got used to these traffic congestion!

Her eyes suddenly fell up on a girl. She was a beautiful dusky girl, carrying a camera with her with different tattoos on her arms and that instantly reminded her of Jennifer.

 Jennifer Joseph, a photographer she met in the early days of her career. Tara and Jennifer became good friends while working on a project. Tara was always fascinated by Jennifer’s personality. 
A dusky beauty, friendly, always carrying her camera and always in her shorts, whether it be winter or summer! She also had a tattoo on her right wrist, it was the eye of Horus, and Tara used to find it very mysterious. So, One day she finally asked Jennifer about it, when they were silently working.

“Why did you choose the eye of Horus?” Tara broke the long silence.

Jennifer got stunned and looked at Tara, wide eyed.  “Why do you want to know?” she asked.

“Out of curiosity!” Tara said, jumping like a child.

Jennifer started speaking quietly and Tara noticed that this was the first time she did so. 
“ I believe that  all of us have a dark side and also that some experiences that remind us of the mistakes we did. The way you see me now, I wasn’t like this all my life, and I made some mistakes in my past.”

She looked down on the floor “The eye of Horus signifies a lot of things but for me it signifies the start of my new life. I got this done when I felt that I am going through a transition and needed a constant reminder for staying on the correct path.”

 Jennifer looked straight into Tara’s eyes and said” Now, it has become a seal that keeps my past buried and sealed inside.”

A loud horn brought back Tara to the present day and broke her trance. She saw the traffic was clearing and it was her turn to move forward. As she steered her car towards the crime scene, she had a feeling that the seal had been broken, by Jennifer or by someone else and she was going to find what was buried inside.

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