Red Bow and Silver Nail Art

Post Christmas celebrations are still on for me! Check out how I am celebrating with a cute nail art! And right now I have got a lo...

Post Christmas celebrations are still on for me! Check out how I am celebrating with a cute nail art! And right now I have got a lot of things on my mind :) 

I have done a lot of (and I mean it when I say lot!) extra things apart from studies, But now what intrigues me and keeps me addicted is blogging. Know why? Cause I want to meet new people and find out what exactly people are like. Because in a last few years I have been meeting people who are mostly selfish, and know nothing else except their own benefit! I want to know , not know, Find out if the people who are even a little bit selfless  really exist or not!? 
This really is very sad that I am becoming like these people because I have to protect myself and after a hell lot of hurts I decided to finally start being selfish! And If I have to confess it does not feel right at all!
Well I know I am boring you and you must be thinking what this stupid girl is saying.

 So, I am going to stop now and start showing you a lovely Bow-lishious manicure which I did with my first stamping kit, which I had bought from recently. This is my first stamping manicure, so please be a lenient critic *puppy eyes*. 

I did this nail as my post Christmas celebration, and that is why I chose silver and a merry red :) .

Here go the pictures :)

Under flash light

red stamped nails

red stamped bow nail art

red stamped bow nail art

 This time as well I started clicking pictures frantically before giving the finishing touches :D ! I know , I know i must complete first and then click pictures! I promise I would do that the next time :D .

Would love to know what you think about it !! :)
Enjoy the last few days of 2013 ! not many left :D



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  1. Cute one-also try adding tiny sequins :)
    Aay Kay

  2. I love that red colour… It looks great…


  3. OMG that's indescribably cute, you have lovely hands! :)

  4. Cute first stamping effort <3
    It's all about practice

  5. Looks cool, as usual:)
    I have tagged you for the PAUS activity.
    Pl do check out my post-
    Will be wonderful if you respond to my tag with your Post.
    Hope you accept. Do let me know in the Comments Section of my Blog!

    1. Thank you! I accept the tag :)

    2. Thanks Priyanjana for accepting my Tag. But, could you please respond by today itself? :)
      Today happens to be the last date! :) Do write about the stubble/clean-shaven & do post your Post's link in my Blog, if you manage to write! :)

  6. Awww these are so cute!! Very well done <3

  7. That is one cute NOTD :D Love the colour combo!

  8. Replies
    1. :D!
      I am really happy with this one :)
      Thank you :)

  9. Beautiful nail art, you did it really pretty.

  10. I loved the bows. gorgeous Mani <3

  11. even thought this post is dated I still liked your thoughts on selfish ppl - would have liked it a lot if you had written some more.....
    <3 for the nail art

  12. that colorama pain <3
    ditto for the nail art <3


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