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Yippee!!! I have received the Versatile Blogger Award! I am sooo soo happy as this is my second blog award after My Liebster blog award !

And all thanks to Deepa Prabhu of Random Photography for giving me this award. Well in fact I received the award a few days back but I am writing about it today :D

Versatile Blogger award
What exactly is the Versatile Blogger award? well you will find all the answers to your question over here. The rules of VBA can be found out there itself , in details :)

The rules are as follows:-

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers who you think deserve it. 
4. Contact the people you've nominated.
So the seven things about me :)
1. I am very fickle minded
2. I love winters and hot chocolate :D
3. I love roaming around, talking ,and making new friends.:D
4. I am a foodie. BIG time!
5. Experimentation is my thing I do not like same things all the time.
6. Classics are my favourites and don't like anything that is too loud or too flashy.
7. Though I am new to blogging I have fallen in love with this :D.  

I am nominating and hence passing the award to these fabulous bloggers :

1.Mellisa of My soul is the sky 
2.Aki of Minted Strawberry 
3.Karishma of Gingersnaps xoxo

5.Vipra of Forever Magnifico

8.Shanaya of Little Miss Sinner

10.Ranjana of Ranjana's Craft Blog
11.Pratibha of Pratsmusings

12.Hetal of My Fashion Villa

13.Karen of Krafty Krook

14.Indrani of i Share

15.Sayoni of Sweet & Bitter

Congratulations everyone! Hope you all are happy as I am :) ! 
This year for my blog is going to end in a good way :D
Enjoy your days ! 

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