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Some days and traditions are just too sweet to resist. Such is the case with Sweetest Day, a love-centric holiday , I myself refer to this day as a mini Valentine's Day, ( hey ,a girl need reasons to get chocolates for herself ! ) has actually been around since 1921.

So , When is "Mini Valentine's day" ,i.e. Sweetest Day celebrated ?

It’s traditionally observed on the third Saturday of October.
This year Sweetest  Day will be celebrated on the 19th of this month , you'd be knowing that if you have read my "Festival Called life " for October.

Curious? about it's genesis !?

Well reportedly, it’s the brainchild of a team of Cleveland-based candy makers (12 of them ) who were looking for a new way to promote their product.
The first Sweetest Day was pronounced as The day that women are supposed to buy stuff for their men, in Cleveland.
It was meant as a holiday not just for lovers, but to recognize “friends, relatives and associates.”

But it never actually gained the popularity as had been expected by the candy makers ! There were efforts to popularize this day in New York as well.

I made this simple wallpaper for this day , Hope you like it !

Well for me it's gonna be my Sweetest Day wallpaper, e-cards and chocolates for my self and my family and friends  !

You can also try out some free e-cards ! available on www.123greetings.com (I usually use this site )

You can also try out something as simple as 
Buying a few flowers 
Buy Candies for your loved ones 
Go out on a dinner or make a nice meal at home 
make a quick "Mini Valentine's Day card "
Do anything you like , that you think might make someone  you want to be happy , happy !
but do any of these with a touch of sweetness, it's the sweetest day remember !!

And like I say do not loose any opportunity of celebrating your sweet relationships , Don't loose this one !

Be it your family , your sweetheart , your friends or even your co-worker , make them smile !
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