Avon Nail Wear Pro+ : Absinthe | Moonshine and Sunlight

Hello everyone

On the last day of college ,before the Durga Puja vacations, I got my hands on this Nail Color, Which I had ordered two weeks before this day along with one more color.
I thought of reviewing this color because I suddenly fell in love with this color when I saw the outcome.

And this is the first color that I am reviewing, and I think I got hold of this nail color just in time because Halloween is just around the corner and doing a nail art on that theme doesn't hurt! I am thinking of the Frankenstein nail art !

I was a bit skeptical at first , that whether this would look good on my nails or not !

But turns out that the color is a very soothing green with a few specks of  golden glitter and with a light touch of gold too !
Not at all Tacky green ! A nice metallic one instead!
Evening sun

Daylight picture

In daylight

Spreads smoothly
Good brush
Stays for a long time without chipping at all
 (it's the fifth day today I have it on and I must say I am not at all disappointed )

Just one turn down for me ,

I got the result above after 4 coats of the polish!

I can say that I liked this color and can see myself wearing this color a lot in future!

NAME: AVON nailwear pro+ : Absinthe
PRICE: Rs.160 

Hope you like the review.This one is my first ever.

Feel free to comment anything below .

Do tell me you experience with this color.

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