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easy paper flowers

It has been a long time since I have posted my last craft tutorial!
I made a lot of cards and other crafts during the holidays , but couldn't post them immediately,so here I go!

I made some sweet roses and of course flowers too for the embellishment of the cards.
Here today I will be showing how to make 5 petal 3D flowers ,the size depends on you , but I here made small flowers.So , without much of my blabbering lets move on to the tutorial for these flowers.


A pair of scissors
A craft punch (6 petal flower shaped ), size depends on your choice.
Craft paper of your choice!( I even used some magazine pages)


1.Punch out a few flowers using the craft punch.

2.Take a flower and cut the flower as shown here.

That is cut out one petal , completely from one side and leaving just a little bit on the other side

3.Apply very small amount of glue on the side which has been left out.

4.Stick both the sides, the side with the glue at the back of the one without it.

And  Voila! your done!

Here are few more I made ! All of them within a few minutes!
And some more pictures!

These flowers are incredibly cute and even more easy to make just punch ,cut,glue and you are done!

Just 3 simple steps and you can have almost 50-60 of these within 10 minutes!

use it as embellishments on cards , or just use all of these as a bunch of display on a decorative plate or bowl.(or hold on for a few days cause I'll soon be posting what I did with these)

Hope you like these!
Do let me know what you think of these cuties!

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