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As women we want our skin to be clear , healthy and glowing.

But what most people ignore is the fact that  until and unless our skin is healthy and clear from within our body it will never be glowing.

And that by indiscriminately slathering expensive body lotion etc won't make any difference , if your body is not getting proper nutrients.

Everything said and done in our busy lives these days we mostly forget to take care of our diet.

The undermentioned are a few foods and supplements which can be always consumed on the go and easily available everywhere nowadays. The list for this is very long but to summarize the goodness these are more than enough.

1.Vitamin E 

This is considered to be the most important factor for a glowing skin, vitamin E is  found in many foods like spinach ,dried apricots,pine nuts etc. But the problem with these are that these are either not available always or have to be cooked first etc .

So , the On the Go source is " Cod liver oil capsules", these are high in vitamin E content. have two to three capsules a day.

2.Green tea

Green tea is a very good source of anti oxidants and has lots and lots of health benefits apart from lending a lovely glow to your skin.

Replace your cup of coffee or just plain tea with a cup of green tea and you will start to notice the difference.
 3. Almonds 
Snack healthy , carry a small amount of almonds with you in your purse.
These are a source of vitamin E and it has been found out that almonds burn excess fat!

4.Citrus fruits 

Vitamin C is responsible for keeping the skin clear.
Have a lemonade a day ,drink a glass of orange juice or just pop a tablet of vitamin C into your mouth when ever possible !
The choice is yours !

you will notice how that makes a huge difference !

and the last but not the least 

5.Zinc rich food

There are plenty of choices in this case. The best and easily available is Banana.Although legumes ( beans and peas ) are a very good source of zinc but not very easily available (that is you have to cook ).

Zinc prevents acne and marks on the skin making it clear !

And the most important , for staying healthy first of all is lots and lots of water !
Drink water , stay hydrated no matter what .

Include these foods in your diet and within a week you will start noticing the change in your skin !

Hope this helps and do let me know how this turns out and if you want to add something to the list!


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