Metallic Marbled Nail Art

My first attempt at nail art didn't turn out quite so bad !!
I used the pin technique of marbling my nail !!

Dry Marble easy nail art design and technique. How to easy marble nail art , metallic gold and silver nails
Dry marble nail art

I used - 

Golden, silver, and clear glitter nail polish to make this work of art! {hahaha, for me it is a work of art!} :D.

One thick stroke of each color on 1/3rd of the nail, and wave the safety pin, needle, or toothpick lightly in wave shape and you are done. Voila!!

Do give it a try and let me how it turned out !!

Update in 2023 - 
Hey There! this is an update after 10 years, on the post where I did and shared my first nail art. This one is particularly special as this made me fall in love with jazzy nails with just a few nail polishes and a safety pin. 

So if you are thinking of wearing nail polish in a funky way, do consider this design for dry marble. Because I know picking up and doing marble nail art design from the surface of the water is very difficult and not as fun as this. 

Also, I haven't tried this for a long time, as I write this, I am thinking of putting some colors on my nails. SO if you are thinking about doing nail art right now, go ahead, maybe later you won't have the luxury of time or dress code to play around with designs on your nail. 



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