DIY Origami Corner Book Mark Tutorial | HOW To

Origami bookmark for corner. Unique gift for birthday and valentine's DIY gift for readers

I have been thinking of making some bookmarks again, and I had some lovely printed papers and gift-wrapping papers
So, I thought why not make something out of them that is cute and yet usable
So I made these!!

I won't be blabbering now, I made this pin pic for you tp put on your Pinterest board for later

So you can just follow the pictures and make the bookmarks 

This is how it is used 

So ,
Now the steps!
1.       Cut a square of 4”.
2.       Fold it diagonally into a triangle.
3.       Fold both sides of the triangle  and such that the sides meet in the middle , crease lightly and unfold.
4.       Fold as shown here.

5.       Then Fold back the other two triangles
6.       Then slowly , one by one insert the two sides into a pocket formed , like this

7.       Similarly, fold the open side into the pocket and then you are done! Voila!

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