Coffee DIY Body Scrub | Moonshine and Sunlight

I am a person who is absolutely in love with coffee and chocolates. But the morning wake up call , has to be a cup of coffee ( Not when I am at the hostel , I miss it sooo much ). On a monsoon morning enliven up with this lovely scrub!!

Coffee DIY Body Scrub | Moonshine and Sunlight
DIY coffee scrub

I simply love the brewed strong coffee made of coffee grounds.

So I made out a lovely aroma therapy body scrub as we know coffee is known for the enlivening it has on your senses.
This basically cost you nothing and has a lovely lovely effect on your skin.


Coffee ground remains from a freshly brewed pot
1 tablespoon brown/white sugar
1 tablespoon olive oil ( coconut oil can also be used)


1.Mix all the ingredients.

2. Use the scrub , rub lightly on your skin. 
Going upwards from your feet , 
Clears off the dead ,rough skin on your feet 

3.Wash off  after 2-3 minutes with preferably
 lukewarm water

And your done!!

Let me know how you feel about this 
would love to hear from you 


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