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Hello friends! Folded ribbon rose tutorial Those who read my posts obviously know my l...

Hello friends!

Folded ribbon rose tutorial

Those who read my posts obviously know my love for ribbons !
after all I made a  headband stand/ holder  out of ribbons!

and those who don't, I'd like to tell you that i looove ribbons (and hope you read my future posts as well :D )

One more thing I like to make only out of ribbons are flowers and since this is my "inspiration from roses " post , so this is a ribbon rose here.
you can check out my other rose inspiration post here , here and here.

You'll need :

Half meter of satin ribbon 

So , the tutorial goes like this 


1.Spread out the ribbon evenly
2.From the middle point of the ribbon , fold it to from a right angle triangle-ish kind of fold.

3. Fold the marked part , that is the lower part over the triangle formed

4. Fold the other part over the folded part.

5.follow step 3 and 4 till you have the desired number of petals.

6.when you are done ,loosen the folds to get something like this 

7.Lightly make a knot and pull out one end of the ribbon (the end I am holding with my thumb) ,holding the knot.
The rose will start forming.

 Tie the knot tightly and you are done!!

I made a pink one as well 


Hope you enjoy doing this.

Like always would love to hear from you all 

Take care , and Enjoy!

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  1. Love this.


  2. such a lovely flower, thanks for sharing

    1. Glad you liked it !

      I love to share all the things I make!

  3. I used to make this with my scout's ribbon and frankly I've forgotten how to make this. Thanks for the tutorial! It's a pretty rose :)

    1. Thanks onel!
      I love making these ! these are simple and fast yet sooo cute !

  4. Hi Priyanjana,

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of rose crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

    1. OH MY GOD !!!
      Thank you thank you soo soo much ,Julia !!
      I can't tell you how happy I am !

  5. Love these roses. I have been buying alot of ribbon recently in preparation for wrapping the tons of gifts I have to wrap soon for my first grandchild, a girl due in July, so I am definitely going to try making these, thanks for the inspiration x

  6. OH Angela !! thank you ! Congratulations! :)


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