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Recently I have been into Ring.
Cause finger rings add a quirky touch to your look instantly and effortlessly !

I made these cute "DOUBLE BUTTON RINGS" and I am loving those.

So , I thought of making a few more and came up with these !


But in the last version I used , plain golden bases, not any more ;)


Flower shaped buttons

Ring bases (used here

Rhinestones (I used a circular red and a bean shaped green )
Fevikwik / Hot glue 

Nail polish (color coordinated with your main design )


This is really easy and quick !

1.Make your flower design.
2.Finalize then glue the rhinestone on the button as desired.
3.Let this stay for 5 minutes.

4.Color the outer side of the base ring with a nail color and let it dry for at least 5 minute.

5.Now simply apply lots of glue at the back of the button and press it on to the base of the ring 
like I did for the previous ring .

6. Let this dry and settle for 5 minutes.

And this is ready to add the cute factor to your outfit !

Yellow flower with a leaf

White and red flower
Flower Button rings
For my white flower ring , contrasting color
paint the base with nail polish

One more pic for the required things 

Just a few simple steps and humble ingredients for this cute looking flower ring


Hope you enjoy the tutorial !

have fun wearing you creation 

Do let me know how your's turned out 

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