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Hello friends!

Folded ribbon rose tutorial

Those who read my posts obviously know my love for ribbons !
after all I made a  headband stand/ holder  out of ribbons!

and those who don't, I'd like to tell you that i looove ribbons (and hope you read my future posts as well :D )

One more thing I like to make only out of ribbons are flowers and since this is my "inspiration from roses " post , so this is a ribbon rose here.
you can check out my other rose inspiration post here , here and here.

You'll need :

Half meter of satin ribbon 

So , the tutorial goes like this 


1.Spread out the ribbon evenly
2.From the middle point of the ribbon , fold it to from a right angle triangle-ish kind of fold.

3. Fold the marked part , that is the lower part over the triangle formed

4. Fold the other part over the folded part.

5.follow step 3 and 4 till you have the desired number of petals.

6.when you are done ,loosen the folds to get something like this 

7.Lightly make a knot and pull out one end of the ribbon (the end I am holding with my thumb) ,holding the knot.
The rose will start forming.

 Tie the knot tightly and you are done!!

I made a pink one as well 


Hope you enjoy doing this.

Like always would love to hear from you all 

Take care , and Enjoy!
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