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Fabcurate Review Online fabric shopping store India

Let me Introduce you to Fabcurate, right away! Cause I fell in love with all the fabrics and the collection of various types of material, right away! Fabcurate is an online shopping destination where you can find genuinely premium fabrics by the meter, in every print and material you like! Fabcurate ships across India and ALSO internationally, so you can get anything stitched even if you are not based in any of the Indian cities. 

For me, fabrics by the meter hold an extraordinary place, because of so many memories that it brings. Going to the section of the market lined with Fabric shops when visiting Kolkata is one of the strongest memories I have of visiting my hometown every summer. After buying loads and loads of fabrics of various materials, the visit to the designated tailors used to make me giddy and excited with all the ideas on how I'd customize every bit of my outfit and put together the most unique clothes. My friends back home used to be so jealous that I always had the most unique dresses, salwars, tops and so much more, all thanks to my Mom's and my endeavours at the fabric shopping from the market.

Yellow saree inspired by priyanka chopra in gunday made in combination with two fabrics from Fabcurate
Yellow saree made in combination with two fabrics from Fabcurate 

Lately, I haven't had the chance to do any of this. One, Because COVID-19 made it impossible to go out all day in search of the perfect patterns and materials, and second, I don't think I have the patience anymore to dig through rolls and rolls of fabric at the fabric stores to find what I am looking for. 

That is where shopping for textiles online from Fabcurate comes into the picture. They curate the most trending prints and patterns alongside the traditional Indian handloom fabrics, so I get everything I need in one place, which makes my fabric material shopping online super easy.

So, for this post mainly I ordered a few fabrics from the Fabcurate website, and believe me I was surprised pleasantly. I had shopped for a few handloom pieces of cotton fabrics before, but this was my first time shopping for pleated fabric, high GSM chiffon and high-quality satin. I was happy with what I bought the first time, but this time around I was blown away. No seriously!

So a bit of backstory here - I bought satin fabric, specifically Japan satin, a few months back from some other seller, but I was so utterly disappointed with the cheap quality of fabric that I didn't use it for anything at all. 

I bought Japan Satin from Fabcurate, and believe me, this is the softest, most luxurious satin I have laid my hands on. Let's now go through each product I shopped from the curated store of fabrics. 

pink tie dye fabric online fabcurate japan satin hand dyed fabric flamingo pink
Japan Satin from Fabcurate with tie-dye done by hand

1. Japanese Satin with hand Tie-dye - 

The Tie Dye particularly caught my eye, because I wanted to get a Selkie / Tueta Matoshi-inspired flowy dress. I was a bit sceptical when placing the order for this one, but turned out to be my favourite out of the lot. 

2. Plain premium yellow Chiffon - 

This looks like liquid gold in the sun! I kid you not. Any High-quality chiffon is judged by its flow and shine. This particular one checks both the boxes. I got this to put together a sari, inspired by Ravena Tandon's saree in Tip Tip Barsa Pani. No remake there! But I am putting this saree together with a heavier fabric as the bottom or pleat part. 

3. Butter Silk in Yellow –

This is what I mentioned above. I came across Butter silk fabrics as a category for the first time on Fabcurate. This is why I like to buy fabric online now because then I get to know more about what is new easily. Even if I am just browsing through the online material store, I get ideas like this one, to make it a custom sari!

priyanka chopra inspired saree DIY with chiffon and butter silk fabric from Fabcurate online fabric store
Yellow satin chiffon and butter silk together with a green blouse make for a great sari

DIY saree ideas with fabric from online store, yellow sari with green blouse Indian blogger
Love how shiny the pleats are of the Butter silk and how flowy the chiffon is , best of both worlds

4. Butter silk in baby pink –

Now, what is butter silk-like? It is the softest, most pliable material I have come across which has the most subtle sheen through it. Feels very comfortable on the skin, but it is not the fabric to go for if you are looking to make something light and flowy. I am planning to get a body-fitting kurta done with this particular piece of cloth, to make a very chic and subtle outfit, like this beautiful pink-coloured cloth.

pink fabric fabcurate review
Butter silk in Pink from Fabcurate 

5. Digitally printed georgette pleated fabric –

Now, lastly, the start of the show! This gorgeous pleated fabric with a stunning rainbow gradient is a show stopper! And this is what I loved from the collection at FabCurate as an online shop for clothing material, they have the most unique stuff! I straight away knew I want to use the fabric as it is and as a sari! I have styled this one with a rainbow-checked blouse as well, to give it that quirky factor, but I can style it with any blouse in any colour and it will make for a different outfit!

colorful pleated saree
Will add a belt the next time I wear this, otherwise it is a bit difficult to manage the pallu of sari

Pleated rainbow fabric makes up for a stunning saree 

Each one of the fabrics I have mentioned above is of top textile material and quality. And I am already putting multiple lengths of fabric in my cart at the Fabcurate fabric website!

I think most of the items are reasonably priced, they also have some high-ticket items, which as you would think are priced a bit higher. Those I would say are priced a little bit higher than what I had expected them to. For them, I will wait for a sale, but the majority of the items are very reasonably priced compared to the quality of the fabrics.

Fabcurate provides free shipping on orders of 499 INR and above, within India. There is an extra charge for shipping on international orders. I received the items within 3-4 days of placing the order online and they came in a good shape, packed in the jute bag with their logo. And That I would say, concludes my Fabcurate Review.

Let me know which of the outfits you like more, The Solid with contrast or the pleated shaded sari!

So if I had to sum up my Fabcurate Review, I’d say what are you waiting for? If you are looking to buy any fabric, in any print and pattern, and of premium quality, they are the online store to shop fabrics online from hands down! 

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