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packaging and products of thesto
Accessories make or break an outfit. We all know that, right? But finding the right accessories, according to the aesthetics of your OOTD may not be easy or well known. That is where Thesto- The everything store comes into the picture, with a curation of the most trending and latest jewellery, bags and much more. And not just the most trendy pieces, but they curate for every aesthetic you may be looking to find accessorize for!

Let's dive into the experience I had with them and my review of their collection, service, quality and the website! 

I was looking for a mix of the most trendy pieces and vintage pieces of accessories on Thesto from their current collection.  But, I leaned more toward vintage-y and classy pieces and styled most of them accordingly in one outfit. I was so happy with the range of choices you have on the Thesto website for women's accessories, that I ended up getting very confused while shopping.
packaging and products of thesto, review, bags , sunglasses latest fashion india

Vintage inspired bag design closeup packaging and products of thesto, review, bags , sunglasses latest fashion india

Wearing the silver snake chain with minimal outfit and makeup
My style usually is more on the neutral and classic side and it has been bordering minimal vintage these days and hence the choice of accessories that I am wearing. 

The Thesto website is very easy to navigate through and select the category of accessory you are looking to shop for. You can shop all they have to offer to start with their latest products or shop by category or even select what you want from the lookbooks. 

Before I comment on the quality of the products, let me share what I got, you can check these out on the website by clicking on them. 

Let's group the Bracelets, Earrings and the necklace into one category. The Jewelries. The quality is very good. I especially loved the quality of the earrings and the stack of chain bracelets. The gold polish is still good, even after I wore it a few times. I usually don't expect the polish of gold imitation accessories to last more than a few uses, but these are still shiny and good. 

As soon as a saw the chunky buckle of this belt, I had to get it! and so happy that I did. I used to wear stretchy belts with wooden buckles a lot in the 2000s and this was a fond throwback! It looked so good with the two outfits I wore this with. One, as you can see here with a skirt and I also wore it with a flared dress to cinch the waist, and it looked fabulous! The quality is okay of the belt, because after I wore it the second time the elastic of the belt in a couple of places came out of the weaves of the belt, which I had to resolve.

vintage inspired minimal outfit ideas thesto haul review indian mid size fashion blogger
Vintage inspired styling of accessories from Thesto Haul

vintage inspired minimal outfit ideas thesto haul review
Loved the stack of bracelets and the contrast the bag brought to the whole outfit

The black heart earring from my Thesto Haul

Now the bag! Oh, the bag! It the of top quality for sure. The fabric on the exterior and the insides of the bag and all the other materials are of very good quality. Good to touch and feel, and it feels like a very durable bag as well! The structure of the handbag from Thesto is so unique with the jacquard and leather exterior and so Vintage because of it. Here I have taken it as a handbag, but there is also an option of using it as a sling. 

Most of the thesto bags come with a branding on the exterior of the handbags but are very minimal and classy and perfect to seamlessly mix with your vibe. I will detail the rest of the outfits I am wearing in another post very soon. 

So till now - 
Quality - Check 
Collection - Check 
Website - Check 
Time for the packaging and delivery details. 

I love their minimal yet premium packaging, very on-brand and the focus is on the thesto products they are sending. The vintage-style handbag came in a fabric sleeve, so you can use that to store the thesto bags safely. The delivery took around 4 days and I had the products with me in Bangalore fairly quickly. I would have loved it if the delivery was a bit quicker, but that also depends on where you stay. Thesto can ship across the country if you are shopping for accessories online and place an order of 499 and above, you get free shipping. 
close up detail of vintage accessories indian mid size blogger

So, if I had to sum up my experience and my review of Thesto and of shopping for all kinds of latest and trendy accessories online, I can say I'd not think twice to shop from Thesto. I missed out on trendy sunglasses, cause they were not the best thing for the vibe I was going for, but they have some really cool deigns you should check out! 

Let me know what you think about the brand and if you decide to shop, what you decided to buy! 

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