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Hey guys! How have you all been? It has been so long since I wrote out what has been on my mind. So let’s start now!

Have you noticed that every few months the focus of everyone changes? No!? Okay, let me explain. So, right now it is the festive season’s festivities and shopping which is on most people’s minds. A couple months later it will be holidays and resolutions. And similarly, there is the exam season followed by the college admission period.
Now, why am I talking about this? That is because of a personal quest I have been on since a couple of months now, and have finally found a helpful solution for that, thanks to the CollegeDunia.com’s StudyAbroad plans {Check it out for yourself}!

So then, let me tell you how it has helped me with my dilemma. Let’s be honest not all of us are completely clear about what we are looking for when it comes to courses to take for Bachelors or even masters degree. I know I was super confused for my bachelor’s. And that especially elevates when you are looking for a college program at a foreign country, preferably with a scholarship.
Are we on the same page till now guys? So, yeah. Foreign country, need scholarship and need some time to decide what to study at which college and don’t forget some guidance as well. As simple as it might look, it is absolutely daunting to go through all of the points on this checklist of studying abroad.

But before we dive into all of that with the help of college dunia, let us first see why we might want to study abroad. What is your motivation, let me know in the comments.
For me, the first pointer will definitely be my chance to travel to and stay in a new country and explore everything. Second, definitely will be a good chance of getting a job there itself.
Yeah, it might be funny for a lot of people, but the course has to be good and worth everything and that is kind of implicit.

Coming back to the actual topic in hand, how to be clear what to do. One word. Guidance. That is what you and I need to be clear on
  • -          Which course to take?
  • -          Which college will be the best option?
  • -          What are the exams I’ll need to take to qualify for the maximum number of universities and colleges?
  • -          How do I prep for the said exams and the entry after the tests?
  • -          What are the Visa rules in the shortlisted countries?
  • -          Will I need to learn a new language in order to stay and survive?

And these are only just the tip of the iceberg, the huge iceberg being all the questions we’ll have in mind. But like I said, Guidance, especially Guidance from experts in this field is exactly what will help you and I, tackle this.

College Dunia has a complete working setup, of taking you through the whole process of guidance from counsellors, each of them having a substantial amount of experience, in helping students study abroad.
How do you get started on this?
My suggestion will be to use the tools that they have, and start searching for your perfect college, from the expansive detailed information they have of colleges across different countries on CollegeDunia.com.

Register to get the benefits like these 

Steps they will help you with 

Next, read through the helpful articles they have which will help you decide your next step, which is making the decision of studying abroad
Once you are clear and are confirm that you would want to go for a course abroad and maybe also the countries which you would like to go for, Go ahead and register.

Yep, you can register by providing just a bit of information, like what type of degree you are looking for. If you have taken any test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc and your personal details.  That will be enough to get you started for a 1 on 1 guidance from the counsellors.
All you and I will need to do in this case is to take the first step and the rest of the counselling and decision making will be smooth sailing from there onwards.

So what are you waiting for, I hope you are excited enough now to get started on your journey to study in a foreign country and I can’t wait to hear from you about your experience with CollegeDunia! I sure am looking forward to my experience with them!

Loads of love and all the best people! ,

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