March Fab Bag 2018 Review

Hey everyone! Super busy month with multiple places to travel to! Sorry for the delay. Here is my take on the contents I received in this beautiful pink Fab Bag!

I absolutely love the bag! I have been getting attracted to pink metallic anything! I bought a pair of heels in the same color recently. Let's see what's inside!

Elize Sanitary Napkins - 
So I have heard a lot about the brand, but haven't tried the products myself! Now that I have these, I will give them a try!

Perfume sample for Bleu - 
There is nothing not to like about perfume samples, especially when it smells like fresh, crisp sea breeze!

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip colour - 
I selected the color Tweed taupe, when they had sent the link to choose this month's makeup product! I love that this has become a norm with Fab Bag. So that you know what you are getting is something you , yourself have selected!

Nelf USA Eyeliner - 
I got a dark green pencil liner! I wanted to buy one! Love when co-incidences like this happens! will let you know what the product is like soon.

Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face wash - 
Activated charcoal products are all the rage now, but I haven't tried many. This would be my first face wash with activated charcoal, and I knwo I need something like this to tackle the pollution!
Hope this works great! Will let you know!

All in all, I love the bag this month! I mean, two full size makeup products and a skin care product for just 599, what's not to like!

Will share my views on the products on my instagram stories - follow me there on @Priyajana


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