Hearty Party @ Pheonix Market City

Attending live performances and having fun with great food is what I look forward to on a special weekend. And Phoenix Market City strikes a 10 every time with the special weekends they plan, around some days. This time it was around the theme of Valentine's Day and it was Indeed a hearty Party! 

The whole setup had some really cute photo booths and the decor was actually making me feel, like love was in the air! The food stalls were given by the restaurants present at the mall, along with some food trucks! Some of them which are my favorite. When I reached at the venue, the courtyard of the Phoenix Market City Mall, the karaoke session was going on! I wanted to participate, but couldn't because it really takes a lot of guts to sing like I do in front of sooo many people! 

The party, Hearty Party, had some really great bands playing later in the night and to be honest it was the first time that I enjoyed this much, a live band playing! The atmosphere was such! 

I am really looking forward to the next event that they plan, Cause I know, you all will enjoy and join me there too! 

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