BornPretty Chameleon Nail Polish in #217 Review & Swatch

Hey Everyone!  How are ya'll doing!? I hope good! Cause I am feeling fine! Two reasons behind that, I am back from a long due vacat...

Hey Everyone! 
How are ya'll doing!? I hope good! Cause I am feeling fine! Two reasons behind that, I am back from a long due vacation and I am starting the posts here with a nail polish review! The nail art with this polish will be up real soon. 

I had this polish on my nails before leaving for the trip and now I am writing about this! I have always been fascinated with the concept of color shifting and obviously I like multi-chrome polishes for the same reason. 

This Multichrome polish was sent to me by the lovely folks at the Born pretty store. The shade of this polish is #217 and you can buy it from here. Also get 10% OFF by using the code - "JNX31" . 

Under Sunlight

Price - $6.44

Color -  
A beautiful color that shifts from blue to purple and sometimes to green. A black base is must for this to show up. I tried this only by itself and it does not show up much, just looks sort of pretty iridescent polish.

Brush - 
A medium width brush which I like the most, because it makes application very easy. 

Formula - 
Thin polish which slides on naked nail as well as painted nails. The smell of this polish is the only thing I don't like much. I like that it doesn't get streaky much. Settles down nicely as you can see. 

Nail art -
As a base for the nail art or an accent nail it is a perfect polish. Yet to find out how it can be used for intricate designs. 

Pigmentation - 
Very good! I am wearing just one coat of the polish here and it looks fantastic. 

Longevity - 
It stayed on for a 4 days easily, after that I removed this one. I usually like clean nails when going on trips. 

BornPretty Chameleon Nail Polish in #217 Review & Swatch
BornPretty Chameleon Nail Polish in #217 Review & Swatch 
BornPretty Chameleon Nail Polish in #217 Review & Swatch , bottle

I went to  cold place for the first time and didn't take care of my nails much, so the condition they are in right now id bad! Letting them take a break, after they are healthy,will start with a lot of polishes! I now have a whole load of new tools to work with and a new setup!!!!!! Very Excited!!!

Do let me know your views about this polish in the comments down below! Don't forget to follow my "NAILS ONLY" Instagram account at @mands_nails or just click here.

Loads of love, 

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  1. I so badly want to try out a Holographic polish, I wish I could wear nail paint on an everyday basis. This color looks lovely!

  2. Oh! Yeah my comment doesn't show. Well, no issues!

    The nail colour is just amazing. I love how it has a mix shade of purple and blue from different angle. :)

  3. I am more into soft nude shades but this one looks lovely..

  4. I just can't imagine pulling off a colour like this. It looks so pretty.

  5. That colour is so pretty. Definitely want to try some holographic nail paints

  6. i can only imagine the color shifts, i want one too :)

  7. That holographic nail paint is the bomb!! Must get myself one! <3

  8. I love Born Pretty website for nails... Pretty reasonable but they take forever to ship ��


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