New Sleeker Vaya Tyffyn

New Sleeker Vaya Tyffyn

Last year on my Birthday, a new Brand was launched, called Vaya. The first product they launched was the Tyffyn; A simple way for a person to have home cooked food, fresh and hot, anywhere.  For more details do check out my last post- click here

But, the tyffyn that was launched had a capacity of 1000ml and has three compartments, which is okay for people like us to carry to work, but it is not really a great option for kids.

Because, honestly it does not make sense to put a heavy tyffyn box and add weight to the already heavy school bag of kids. Plus, we all know that no one cooks three things to put into three compartments every day!

Understanding all these problems, Vaya came up with a solution and a new product from the line of tyffyns! The 600ml Vaya tyffyn; this is sleeker, lighter and has two compartments of 300ml.

It is actually a proper option for kids to carry their lunch to school and have it there hot! The two compartments make it easy to give a snack as well. And also, since each box can be divided into two compartments with a divider, one can take two types of snacks!

The 600ml tyffyn comes in three design variants like the First tyffyn, I have the Graphite Variant with me here. The technology and everything else is the same, it is sleeker and practical for kids. Plus, it looks so cool.

New Sleeker Vaya Tyffyn

I would definitely use this more, since I do not carry food that fits in three compartments every day at work, I usually carry food that easily fits into two. But, I will carry the bag mat that I had received with the first tyffyn.  The 600 ml tyffyn comes packed nicely in a box with all the details, as to how you need to use it along with the technology in play.

You can buy these from and I honestly think you won’t regret buying this, because it really is something that keeps your food fresh and warm and for kids it is perfect!
Let me know your views about the tyffyn in the comments below.

Loads of love,
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