Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover Review

The number of times I have had a full face of make up in the last 6 months is easily countable on my fingers! But, I do wear minimal makeup regularly and this makeup remover from Forest Essential has been a boon for me! I bought this impulsively because it looked so cute and I felt like shopping from the new store of Forest Essentials which had opened (Then) recently at Forum Courtyard, Kolkata.

I have been using the Floral Makeup Remover From Forest Essentials for about 6 months now and only used up a little bit! Read on to know my views on this remover. 

Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover Review

Packaging – Comes in a clear bottle with a golden screw cap. I love the Luxurious prints and the feel it has. But, you have to be careful not to spill anything while opening it.

Product – An oil based makeup remover based on Ayurveda texts. The texture of it is like olive oil and goes on smoothly on skin. Does not evaporate quickly like the Bi-phased makeup removers. But this has two layers, most likely the heavier oil settles down. Make sure you shake the bottle nicely before using the remover.

Price – Was 495 INR for 100ml / Now 675 INR

Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover Review

My experience –

I have been using this regularly. One thing that you have to keep in mind is you need to wash your face, preferably with face wash after using this. This is one condition that anyone has to comply with when using any type of oil to remove makeup. I used coconut oil before this and had to do the same thing.

This removes all traces of makeup very easily.I don't have to tug or pull my skin to remove the makeup. Smells amazing! It has a very mild floral (Jasmine) fragrance and it does not linger for long. The packaging is the only issue, especially if you have to travel with this. Also before the price hike this was one of the best oil based removers within budget. Now I have to explore more option, within the 500 INR bracket.

All in all, a very good product to have, does not irritate skin or eyes, all natural oils (No mineral oil), has a very mild fragrance and does the job it is meant to perfectly.
I would recommend this to you if you don’t mind washing your face after removing makeup.

Loads of love,
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