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Diwali in India is undoubtedly the biggest festival, a festival which everyone celebrates. The festival of lights mean a lot of differ...

Diwali in India is undoubtedly the biggest festival, a festival which everyone celebrates. The festival of lights mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some it is Pooja/worshipping, for some its homecoming, for some it is the time to give and receive gifts and for some it’s the time to indulge in a little gambling! Yes! Gambling.

There are people who I have seen sincerely playing card games, like Teen Patti and what not, only once a year, on Diwali! And who doesn’t want to win! But with card games you need a lot of luck to win.
And everyone dresses up from head to toe on Diwali, so why not wear something that links you to a little luck and quirk up your outfit at the same time! Introducing, Balenzia, a premium socks brand and their new collection of Poker socks!

Have a look at the fun designs on the socks and tell me that you don’t want them! I loved the No-Show socks and even though it is made for men, I decided to keep it for myself! So, poker up this Diwali and get a little luck on your side by dressing to win with this quirky socks! I love the kings on the No-Show socks and the hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs on the others! Plus these are super soft and comfy and fit snuggly!

The No show socks by Balenzia from their Poker Collection 
These would make great gifts for the men in your lives or yourself!

Also, one of YOU can win these by simply entering the giveaway! Rules to participate are below!
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  • Comment below with the link and your plans this Diwali and which pair of socks is your favorite!!
Brownie points, if you follow @Balenziasocks and @Priyanjana on Instagram! Don’t forget to comment your handle below, in that case! Please make sure you have a valid Indian address or are a resident of India.

So win these for Diwali and have fun with them! 
Looking forward to your entries and to read about your plans!

Have a blast this Diwali! Best of Luck for the giveaway! 

Loads of love, 

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  1. Thanks for such great giveaway. Liked it.

  2. Hi Dear

    thanks for the lovely giveaway

    following both pages on Fb and Instagram

    FB Name: Meenakshi Kapur
    Insta : meenakshi.kapur

    Shared the giveaway link on FB
    Shared Link:

    i really liked the socks that had hearts and spades on it

    I plan to celebrate Diwali with my parents at home and we have completed our Diwali Shopping and cleaning and now we will start with decorations and on Diwali day we will do Laxmi Puja and share mithais with neighbors and distribute books and stationery to the kids of maids, car washer, watchmen and seeing smiling faces makes up our diwali and makes Diwali more shining bright

    happy Diwali :)

  3. Great giveaway..... I really love the socks which have red hearts with yellow border....They look really cute...this is such an innovative design... :D

    As for Diwali plans, I plan to have a crackerless Diwali..Will put out some diyas aorund my home and celebrate a nice cozy Diwali at home with family... :)

    Was already ur follower...Have followed Balenzia too...My ids: fb: neha mishra(nmishra7) & instagram:fashion.neha202
    share link:

  4. Love the cute socks you've modelled <3
    This Diwali at 6 a.m I'll be visiting a local garden where there is a recitation of claasical Hindustani music & where all family and friends gather together to wish each other. After that I'll be visiting the local temple to pray not only for my fmaily but for all humanity - as they say in Sanskrit 'sarva loka sukhino bhavantu'
    After that it'll be sweets eating time for my family :)
    Evenings means lighting diyas at home & doing Laxmi Puja

    share link -

  5. One can never have enough socks as they keep disappearing into thin air at my house(or the cats are eating them). These are so cute have to get them!

  6. Hi today's sharing link

  7. Thanks for this lovely giveaway my plan for this Diwali is to give gift to under privilege people of society who served us but we neglect their duties a guy who worked out side the petrol pump who filled air in vehical tyres,metro security guard and many others so this Diwali no wastage of electricity

    Following you every where

    Face book id sumita kapoor
    Instagram kapoorsumita14

  8. Such a fantastic giveaway! Love those socks they are so quirky.

    xoxo Chaicy - StyleAPastiche. com

  9. #MNSGiveaway
    Diwali is the celebration of Festival of light. I have plan many but i tell some main points: I cleaning & white wash my house before 1week every Diwali. I buy some new items in every Diwali. I invited my friends and family in the occasion of Diwali to celebrate together. I buying some gifts , sweets, Crackers for my friends and family to share in Diwali. I decorated my house with LED lights, Candles, Diyas and flowers to looks beautiful in Diwali. Lastly Me & friends shared gifts and sweets between us to remember this Diwali for forever.🎆✨🎇🎉🎁🌟⭐💥❤😃😃😃😃

  10. Myfacebook link


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