#14DayChallenge with Pantene Pro-V hair fall control shampoo and conditioner

Pantene Pro-V hair fall control shampoo and Conditioner
I am usually all in for experimenting with better and improved products, even if I like what I am currently using. So, when Pantene challenged me to take up the #14DayChallenge with their new and best ever Pantene shampoo, I didn’t say no. After all, as a Leo I love a challenge. Let me tell you what I feel about the products after using it for 14 days.

The challenge – Using the new Pantene Hair fall Control shampoo and conditioner for 14 Days and try out the other/test shampoo to see the difference.

First let’s get on with the review –

Packaging – The shampoo and the conditioner both have a flip cap packaging, it hasn’t changed from the old packaging. Only the product is different

Product – The shampoo has a fruity smell, foams a LOT but does a great job of cleaning your hair without stripping the scalp of all the moisture. The Conditioner is great and I love the way it smells! I like aqua fragrances and it smells exactly like that. The amount of conditioner required is a little more than usually I like to use, to see proper results. They claim that the new Pantene has Keratin Damage Blockers and it makes hair stronger from root to tip and helps prevents breakage.

Price – Shampoo is 110 INR for 180ml and the conditioner is 120 INR for 175ml

My experience –

I used the test shampoo on one side and this on the other side and I could notice the difference on the side where I used the Pantene Hair Fall control shampoo and conditioner. The test shampoo comes in a white bottle and I don’t know what brand that shampoo was from.

After 14 days of using this, my hair fall has noticeably reduced. After every use my hair feels manageable and I love that it gives a nice volume to my hair. I had a problem with scalp getting greasy with my last shampoo, but I didn’t face that with Pantene. My hair becomes a little dry towards the tips of the hair; that is the only problem I faced. But as far as hair fall is considered, this shampoo actually makes a difference in that department and in a good way.

I would recommend this, if you are facing a lot of hair fall and looking for a shampoo to give volume to your hair! 

Loads of love, 

I took up the #14DayChallenge as a part of  product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene.

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