Laugh out loud

Having fun with even the smallest of things is what makes me happy! Laughing like I don't have a care in the world, has always been my personality's core trait. I laugh, loudly. Being a girl, I have been asked to not laugh out loud a lot of times,especially by male teachers, female friends and nosey aunts and uncles. 

But, no matter how hard they tried, my laughter never subdued. I like to have fun and laugh for no reason. And I am not going to change that, ever! 

Have you ever faced something like this. Something that you love about yourself has been looked down upon or asked to change. Well, Don't listen to those people. period. 

Like for instance, the moment I took out this dress out of the pretty pink paper it was wrapped in, I knew I wanted to twirl all day long in this dress and be giddy as a kid! You ask why?? Well, look at those ruffles and the cute vintage rose print! There is something about vintage-y rose prints that makes me really happy! This is a dress I would wear for a brunch with my girls. 

Midi Dress - C/O Stalk Buy Love (Buy Here)

In this shoot all I wanted was to have fun, twirl around, make faces and I just did that! I am really happy with the outcome! and I wanted to add some extra "rose accents" as well. By the way, did you notice my earrings? 

Haha, let me know in the comments if you did! 

Loads of laughter and love,
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