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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing great and making memories as you go!

Recently, I attended the launch of the Fujifilm Instax Joybox Mini 8 camera and I was reminded of the great times before phone cameras came into play! Honestly, a photograph from a film camera is way more valuable than any photo on a digital camera or phone camera, because you don’t randomly go clicking everything, but give importance to what you are capturing. One photograph of this sort is more valuable than 400 random pictures on your phone!

We started the evening with a few fun quizzes and delicious food. As the night unfolded we learnt the history of Instax and Fujifilm. Aparna Nori, a lifestyle and travel photographer, who has been in this industry for a long time, explained how they used instant cameras when the instant cameras first came into existence.

She spoke about photographing strangers with a digital camera as a part of travel photography and not being able to give them anything as a souvenir. But, she gives them their portraits captured using the instax and she loves to do this because it makes them extremely happy!

She also informed us a number of ways she uses the instant camera, which was again followed by a fun quiz! But, after that the star of the night was revealed, The Instax JoyBox mini 8! For me the cute box itself was love at first sight and after knowing the contents and the price, I was delighted!

The Joy box which is priced at 6499 INR, comes with an Instax Mini 8 camera in any color you like, 20 instant print films, a marker, a camera bag, a selfie mirror and batteries! So many things at such a reasonable price is nothing less than hot cake!

After the Joy box was unveiled we went on to try our hands at using these cameras. There are different variants like wide angle instant camera, a cute Hello kitty camera, etc. We all happily went clickity-click and after clicking all those pictures I can say that the instax mini is perfect for selfie lovers! In case you want to document all the fun at a party, this would really be an awesome tool to do so!

If I were you, I would have already started searching “How to buy the Instax mini 8 Joy box”, but fret not, just click here and get one for yourself! These make perfect gifts as well!

Do let me know if you want me to write a “How to use” guide. I would be happy to! Now bye, cause I am heading over to Pinterest to pin some cool d├ęcor ideas using the pictures of the Instax Mini 8!

Loads of love,

*The pictures don't belong to me. 
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