Now #NoExcuse | HyperCity launches new store and Application

I have two news for you today. One Good, One Great. And both related to HyperCity!
Let me tell you the great news first! HyperCity now has an app! Yes, an app where you can shop for grocery and lifestyle products. And they also have an option for fresh meat on their app!

Now people of every city, which has a Hyper City outlet, can shop from the app anytime they like! They are open 24 hours and they will be delivering your order at your doorsteps within a maximum time frame of 3 hours!  They are operational from 7 am to 10 pm every day. Usually the other grocery delivery services are open from 10 am to 10 pm, but they have considered people like me, who forget to buy groceries and remember when they need it immediately!

So, if you notice you are missing an ingredient while you are cooking in the morning, you just have to simply open the app and order that ingredient and it will be delivered to you right away! You cannot give any excuse now! Shop from Hyper City, via the app while you are on the go, or while being stuck in the infamous Bangalore traffic. Now you cannot say that you don’t have time, to cook a nice meal for yourself or your friends and family.

Also, the products delivered to your house is what is available at the Hyper City Stores. So you can be rest assured of the quality, as they pride themselves for the same!

I think, I have made you wait long enough! Time for the good news! Hyper City has opened their 4th store in Bangalore! At Orion Mall, in Rajajinagar. Now when you are going to Orion mall, to meet your friends or shop or just because you want to, you can visit the Hyper City store, which stocks everything related to your lifestyle you might need and that too with great deals on them! Personally, I love to go to grocery shopping when I am stress shopping (Yes, Shopping to release stress is a thing!), so that I don’t end up buying something that won’t be useful at all!

I visited the Hyper City outlet at Orion Mall, on the day of launch and it was already packed with people! This only goes to tell you how trustworthy the brand name itself is! I was impressed to see their international section, they stock different types of pasta, different varieties of noodles and sauce that you might need and not find anywhere else! The meat and variety of fish that they stock is fresh as well.

Fresh Meat available here 

All in all, I can say that now there is no way you can give an excuse for not cooking up something great because they have brought anything you might need, at your fingertips!  

Have you shopped from Hyper City yet?? Download the Andriod or iOS app now and  Let me know your experience in the comments below!
Loads of love,

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