Khadi Pure Rose Water Review

Khadi Pure Rose Water Review

Lazy people do not have a routine! And I am no different. Well, they do not have a routine, unless absolutely required. So since a proper skincare routine is absolutely required, I had to do something about it! 

Enter the easiest way to hydrate and tone your skin, Spray some rose water! After my Kama Ayurveda steam distilled rose water finished, I had to get a rose water. And I was not in a mood to splurge. So to save and also keep the quality in mind, I went in with a rose water from Khadi. 

I have liked their products previously and wanted to see how this works on me. You would have seen this in my last Skincare routine post (Mental note- need to post the updated routine).

This rose water is a decent purchase for the price. 200 ml for 80 INR is very reasonable. I used this the similar way I used the kama rose water. 

This is a little water-y, not exactly concentrated rose water, but, it is perfect when you want to refresh yourself in the middle of the day. I just spray it generously on my face and the fragrance makes me feel refreshed and the after effect also is relaxing. 

I use this to mix face masks as well and it works pretty well. 

I use this one and off and have finally finished it this month. (Mental note #2 – do the empties post for this month)

I would recommend this to those who are looking for a budget friendly rose water which is not artificial like the ones with rose oil and water.

Do let me know in the comments which rose water is your favorite and also let me know a budget friendly rose water so that I can try as well!
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