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Indian Fashion blogger Grand mercure mysore

I have been eating out a lot because of my food blog, Foodie Land Blog, continuously. And I do not eat small portion of food. Needless to say, I am gaining or rather I was gaining a lot of weight. 
One thing that I understood after gaining a little weight was that I, was the one who was making myself miserable. Constant whining about my weight and the little bit of fat on my body, was all I was doing. 
Okay, this sounds like the introduction for a weight-loss commercial. It is nothing like that.

Just wanted to let you know what a little bit of weight gain did to me! It is all in our head really, all these useless notions, too tall is bad, a little fat is bad, being fat is a bad thing etc, etc. And it really does affect your confidence, sure affected mine! But yeah, what really was affected was my fitness. 

Indian Fashion blogger Grand mercure mysore

Indian Fashion blogger Grand mercure mysore
Spiral vegetables in Coconut foam

Indian Fashion blogger Grand mercure mysore

Cream of Mushroom Soup with Truffle oil

Tower of Chocolate
But, my love for food was greater than anything else. So I decided, I'll keep eating the way I am, Will focus not on losing weight, but getting my fitness back. And let me tell you this, Fitness has no relation whatsoever with weight. I have seen a lot of people who are apparently fat, but are more fit than you and me. 

Well, enough about this. Will keep you updated on this from my next post. For now let's talk about the awesome food and the grand experience at The Grand Mercure Mysuru. 

I wore this dress, which had been lying in my cupboard for almost half a year, for the dinner at the hotel. Before the dinner I had had a magnificent lunch (More about the lunch) and I was all stuffed. I could not really shoot the way I wanted to because of the sudden rains. But I did a mini shoot, because I was not going to let rain dampen my mood. Especially after being treated and fed like a Queen! 

For me this is a perfect look for a date night, a dress in a statement color, light accessories and makeup. Completed with messed up hair, like always. 
Location and food courtesy – Grand Mecure hotel , Mysore

Hope you like this look! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! What’s your ideal date night look?

Loads of love,
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