Play It Fair with food ! #PlayItFair

Photo credits - Priyanjana Roy for The Foodie Land Blog

Food is love. Food is bae. Food is awesomeness because it is so cool that you do not have a chance, ever, to cheat. Well, maybe you can cheat with your diet with a “cheat day” or something like that, but when it comes to the taste of food and cooking you always have to #PlayItFair because if you cheat you end up altering the recipe and taste! 

Like, my favourite Lychee Sorbet at Yauatcha Bangalore remains the same every time I visit and have it!

Similarly, the Game of Tennis at Wimbledon is always played in affair and transparent manner! No Cheating, Always playing it fair! So Inspired by this awesomeness, Allen Solly came up with an Interesting collection inspired by Wimbledon for their smart casual/casual wear collection! I am going to check out the collection soon and hope I can wear something from their collection to a tennis match in London at this year’s Wimbledon. 

So, all I have to do is Play It Fair and dream of good food and company in London!

Loads of love, 
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