Music and Love of Scotch at #LoveScotch event this week

This Friday evening was a special Friday evening because it marked the second round of the celebrations related to the #LoveScotch Movement! And Like the previous one, this event was star studded too!
Bangalore witnessed Singer Anushka Manchanda’s awesome performance along with Mentalist Nakul Shenoy’s mesmerizing revelations of what’s going on inside a person’s mind!  
This week we did not get a chance to get a one to one interview but we did get to go pub hopping!
We started from The Permit Room, where Anushka mixed up an exotic cocktail with the help of United Spirits Reserve Brand Ambassador Andrew Qadri. She tried her hand at making the West Coast Julep where the base alcohol was the iconic Johnnie Walker black label. 

From The Permit Room, we moved onto the second place in the list of our pub hop, Arbor! There we got to know a little about both Anushka and Nakul’s thoughts on whiskey! Like Anushka said, “Scotch is the world’s favourite whisky and my love for it is timeless. My father’s favourite Scotch Whisky is Johnnie Walker Black Label and hence mine too! 
Whenever and wherever I globe trot I always bring him a bottle of his favorite Scotch Whisky and It’s almost like a ritual now. It’s the first whisky I knew, and the one I enjoy sipping the most.” I think that is why she chose to make a cocktail with this whisky as the base!

Conversing with Anushka, Nakul opened about his choices and preferences. He said “I enjoy and savour my glass of Vat69 Scotch Whisky. It embodies the spirit of being unique and doing things differently which resonates with me. The pub crawl was amazing fun and a great way to showcase our love for Scotch Whisky. I now realize it is no easy task to make cocktails as it needs skill and technique to do so. Whether neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, there is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch whisky, as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.”

Anushka making A cocktail at The Permit Room

Nakul Shenoy, Pouring the cocktail he made

After this, Nakul went ahead and tried his hand at making a drink out of the Black Dog Black Reserve! He made a drink infused with cinnamon, called Sunset Cinnamon.
After this Anushka and Nakul left the pub crawl with a performance each! Anushka broke into an impromptu performance, a small one, but great nonetheless. Nakul read minds of two people and it was really fun to watch! 

The Night ended on a Musical note with Love of Scotch and music! I had a nice time this week and will definitely look forward to the next pub crawl this Friday! For all the inside scope follow me on snapchat at – priyanjana_mns 

Tune in next Sunday for more!
Loads of love,

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