On my plate

I have always been someone who loves to eat, try different cuisines and experimental dishes. I won’t call myself a “foodie” because somehow, I don’t like that. I respect food on my plate and I definitely enjoy every meal but I think the term Foodie is disrespectful. 


I am thankful to those farmers who had the courage to live on with their lives to put some food on my plate and all of ours. The alarming number of suicides farmers are committing is sad. This concerns me because we keep moving on with your respective lives, surrounded with the comfort of the resources we have, never realizing what actually goes on with these people who do all the hard work. 

So many people work hard to put food on our plates; Farmers, your family and so many other people. Respect them.  Respect food and don’t waste it. Please. Do your part to save innocent lives by simply not wasting water and food.  There are flowers on my outfit but I don’t want to see a day when there are flowers only on clothes and not growing on Earth.

Floral Kimono - Max fashions,Peplum top - Harpa, Jeggings - Levi's , Loafers - Westside

Please think about it. 
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